Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ciara has been taking a creative movement class just through the recreation department this year and they decided to have a Spring Showcase last Friday. It was really cute ... her teacher told a story while they acted it out about little baby dinosaurs; starting from the eggs. I haven't included all the pics because I took quite a few!

First they had to wiggle around in their eggs & break out of them. Then they had to stand & stretch.

And then they started to move around in different kinds of shapes.

You can see that she isn't the only one with a broken arm.

Then when they were tired after playing & moving all day they laid down to go to sleep.

Ciara's Dad came to watch!

Ky didn't make it because she was not home yet from her end of the year stuff with school. But Dal & I enjoyed the show quite a bit.

Only minutes before the show she came up to me and said that she didn't want to do the performance because of her broken arm. But then she remembered she wasn't the only one and happily went and danced!

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KrisJ said...

No video? She is so cute! Im glad she went on.. good thing we broke that other girls arm so she didnt feel alone bwahahaha