Thursday, April 17, 2008


Ciara, Ciara.....

The next in my spotlights. It is sometimes hard to figure out who to do next, but then they seem to help me choose by giving me a great photo op to post. So here we go!

Ciara was born December 27, 2006. She has been such a joy since she came to our family. I should've known from my pregnancy that she was going to my most energetic child. Since she was born, she is non-stop, full-speed, on-the-go, never-stopping...... you get the picture right?! Randy's grandma has even asked us if she stops moving while she is asleep. The answer is no! She tosses, turns, rolls, and even SITS while she is sleeping. The other day I decided to check in on her while she was napping, and she had sat up and was holding her blanket up to her nose and sleeping. She has soooo much energy, she gets that from her daddy! She gets sooo excited when her big sis comes home from school, that she runs to the door squealing and follows her to her bedroom. She gets very upset when she does not get her way, and you know it because you hear the loudest high-pitched scream and she squeezes her fists really tight and makes her whole body shake. It is actually quite funny! She is my smallest child, so it is fun watching this little petite energizer rule the roost!

She loves to dance and when a song comes on that has a strong beat she stops whatever she is doing to start dancing, and let me tell ya, the girl has rhythm. Thank goodness she doesn't get that from her dad!!!

She loves crackers, grapes, walks, throwing things, her baby, any blanket that is soft to her nose, and the dog. They are usually getting into trouble together. Usually trying to dig through the trash or swapping food. I know....eewww! But nonetheless they do it! Ciara and Dallin also like to share toys, it seems Dal really likes to play with her stuff and she doesn't always seem to mind.

We see a lot of Ciara on this blog so you will hear more of her. These pics are of her climbing in and out of my cupboards. It is one of her favorite new past times. She thinks it is really funny! She sits in there and laughs and giggles the whole time until she tries to get out! Enjoy....

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KrisJ said...

ok how stinking cute is that! I love the photos and I swear she looks like shes already grown a ton since we left and its only been a couple weeks. She is the sweetest most petite little thing and I miss her so much!