Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have decided to do a spotlight on each of my kids! I was having a hard time deciding who to do first, but I received some help from Dallin without him even trying!

Dallin is one of the sweetest boys I know. He has always had this quietness that is just really tender. Even when he would teethe, he didn't cry, just got this really sad face and would be so cuddly. He has always been a thinker! He could entertain himself for hours. Thinking can be a great thing or at times more of a distraction...the latter being the case every time he has chores. He tends to space out at that time or just goes somewhere else. He loves to read! He can read for hours and when he is in trouble that is a PRIVILEGE we have to take away! I know...kinda weird. But he is smart as they come, so the reading must be a good thing. He always is loved by his school teachers and primary teachers. They are always telling me how he is so well behaved and always knows the answers. I have to try and be so humble when I beam with pride! (He must get it from his mom!) He really loves his sisters and tries to help with Ciara all the time. He likes to hold her or play peek-a-boo or just scare her. It is a lot more fun to scare Kylie though she does tend to get a bit irritated! But what else are little brothers for?!

We just had Kristine and her kids here for a few days and had a lot of fun. Dallin got to spend some good time with Kaden (his fave cousin). They had marker sword fights, read books together, played b-ball, and sleepovers every night! He even got to skip school a couple days to spend more time with them. All right so now for you to know why I picked Dal first. It is the experiences you have that parents get to hold forever as blackmail!!!

The kids were playing hide and seek on Sunday night and.....

The pics tell a good story, don't they?
He decided to hide in my washing machine. It must have looked a lot bigger while he was climbing in. I know it did to me until he was in there. I was frosting cupcakes when he called me and the kids told me he was stuck in there. I couldn't believe it. First thought in my head was is he able to get the fire department cutting my washer up to get him out, ya know, jaws of life?! Last I wondered if my washer would still work. It took a few minutes, with some help from my sis, a reminder to get the camera, some embarrassing pics and woolah, he came out. Just not quite that easy and if you can't tell, he said it was pretty painful!!! Maybe he won't do it again. But now we have pics to last a lifetime!! he he he Oh, and this is sometimes what happens when he IS thinking! I think we all had a good laugh about it afterwards!!
Dal, you are the best son I could have asked for. You are a great brother and even though she doesn't always admit it....she loves you too! Thanks for being part of our family!
Love ya lots! :)'

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KrisJ said...

Seeing the pic just makes me laugh. Only his skinny little tush could fit in there! O that was a good ol' time!

Kristina Curtis said...

Man I wish I could fit in the washer like that. Lol!! He is so cute. I can't believe he is getting so big! I would be a very proud mother too, if I had a son like Dallin...he is the smartest kid I know!

Stacey Jensen said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but with Dad's funeral and taxes and end of semester and....well you know. I cannot believe how big the kids are already. Ciara looks just like Kylie when she was little. I am so glad you found my blog. Stop by often. I will bookmark your blog. Man do I miss you. You look amazing. I love you very much. We love you all and hope you know you are always a part of our family and we love you dearly.