Friday, March 28, 2008

Healthy & Yummy Recipes!

You just didn't know they existed, right?! I know when the new year rolls around everyone says lose weight, exercise more, yada, yada, yada.... My quest began before then when my OB said no more sugar because my glucose test was border line for gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. I thought that just isn't right, but Randy sealed my fate by saying: "Can you NOT eat chocolate?" Nothing like a good old insult to kick ya in the butt. At that time I decided might as well make a life style change. It will be better for me in the long run anyway! Now that meant my family had to get on board, which isn't always easy. After all, I do have the pickiest eaters for kids. Everybody knows that though. I now look for recipes to try that are healthier, they might be less calories, lower GI, change some ingredients and we have added a lot more veggies to our meals. If you are creative it can really dress a meal up and make it look fancy without too much effort. So I have decided to share some of my yummy recipes that I find. In most cases I can even get my kids to eat these ones. I'll keep a recipe section on the side and update it every week or two. If I have nutritional crap for them I will add that too! Give 'em a try and don't feel intimidated if they look involved, they more than likely aren't because I like easy meals!!!

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KrisJ said...

YEAH! What a good idea! I just bought a bag of flax seed to start sneaking into things I guess its supposed to be healthy lol!