Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who needs a Mule?

So I told you that we are starting our yard work and what a task that will be. We bought our house 1 year ago from people who had lived here 9 years and never did anything to the back yard. Let me tell you, I would love to know how people actually level out their yards. That is the yuckiest part. Randy tilled up all of our ground last week and now we are trying to level it so we can plant the grass. I was raking some of it today and it takes forever and then Randy came out and tied some rope to a large piece of wood to pull around over what I had raked. I had to take some pics because I always knew he was stubborn like a mule but didn't know he could work like one. He literally took the yoke today! He said it was a tiring workout for his legs, so I thought I would try too. I jumped in the rope with him and hello.... that is some hard work. I'll stick to the raking thanks! And no pics of me looking like an a**. LOL Oh, and for any who are wondering if you can borrow him, he probably isn't for hire unless you pay in firearms or ammo...and please don't offer!

Last Thursday I took Ky to a modeling agency and let her audition for them and they liked her and had her come back yesterday. Since she has no experience they will train her over the next 3 months and then help her do auditions and shoots and all that fun stuff. I am so excited for her because she has really wanted to do this for awhile. Randy has been really supportive for her too which has made this so much easier. She has such great personality behind a camera and has since she was a baby, so I bet this will be very enjoyable for her. They were a bit surprised to find out that she was only 12 when they looked at her app after they had everyone walk the runway. They thought she must be at least 15 for how tall she is! I wish I could slow down her growth, but I think I will just have to accept that she will be taller than me.

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KrisJ said...

giddie'up mule! I cant wait to see what comes of her classes! Im sure she will be the star of some Disney show in no time!

Kristina & Brady said...

You two never stop! I love that about you guys. Congratulations to Kylie....she is so beautiful. This will be so fun for her!!