Thursday, March 13, 2008

Huge Congratulations!!!
I have to send a huge congrats out to my sister and her family as their adoption paperwork was finally logged in to the register in Vietnam. They decided to adopt last year and have been working on it since July. Their paperwork has been sitting in Vietnam waiting to be logged and it is finally done! So now that it has been almost as long as a full-term pregnancy the labor begins and we will see how long it lasts! he he he I am so proud of them for their continuing patience they have shown through all of this. I know that they are eager and anxious to get their little Malia here. Good things come to those who wait... and wait.... and wait.....
My sister and I have also embarked on a new project of starting a new little business. It is still in the beginning process of getting things together and making stuff. We have started by selling our hair clips on and more will be added and we are working on starting our own web site. If you get a chance check some of it out and if you know somebody who is looking for the same kinda stuff, send them the link! We are really excited and hope to make this into something fun! I will keep it updated and let everyone know when the website is done! Let me know what you think...I accept criticism also!
This week Randy has been working hard tilling up the backyard. We are getting ready to start some landscaping. I'll have to get some pics and keep it updated cause this is our big...I mean HUGE project this spring. Hopefully our plans aren't bigger than our eyes or pocketbook!!! Right now it has gone from being a dirt pile to a tilled up dirt pile. Hopefully by the end of the month there will be some grass seed going in. We are thinking of hydroseed, so if you know anything about it let me know, good or bad.

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Kristina & Brady said...

Wow! That is so exciting....lets talk about umph!! Your own business! That is great. I would love to see these hair clips...i have lots of friends with baby girls.

KrisJ said...

OO Thank you so much that was such a sweet post! I cant believe I am just reading this post I have learned that you usually update on Sunday so thats when I usually check it out! I sure appreciate all the support you have given us and Im so excited that we are starting this adventure and I hope we make lots and lots of $$!! LOVE YA