Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy, Hoppy Easter!!!

What a fun Easter! Ciara is at the age that she doesn't know what to think but she knows it is fun! When the kids woke up, and I grabbed her to go get the camera and she caught a glimpse of her Easter stuff on the way. I thought she would see Ky and Dal looking for stuff and start copying them, but as soon as I put her down she took off for her stuff. She had watched me stuffing eggs a few days before, so she already knew there was good stuff inside and immediately started braking into them and was so ticked when I put them all up. Ky and Dal had to look a little harder for their stuff this year but had a good time trying to find their stuff. They got new bedding which was so much fun, that I have never seen them so excited to make their beds! I would have to say that the egg hunt was the highlight though. It was so cute to watch Ciara. She would find an egg and want the candy right away and we would put the egg in her bucket and start looking and she would just want to get the eggs out of the bucket so she could eat the candy. Randy finally gave her some and sure enough she got the chocolate all over her dress. Eek! Luckily, it all came out. We had a great day and the weather was perfect! I hope your Easter was great!

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KrisJ said...

SOO unfair that you had that nice weather! You sent your crappy snow to us just in time! Ciara looked stinkin cute in her dress! Glad you all had a fun Easter, see you soon!!!!!