Sunday, March 9, 2008

Have a Little Dough!
I was given a calling in the Young Womens at the end of December to do Personal Progress. I get to go to all of the activities and have to plan one each month. This month we had a talent show. It was a lot of fun, even though some of the girls backed out last minute. I was making some chocolate chip cookies for the activity and Randy decided to share the cookie dough off of the beaters with Ciara. At first she didn't know what to do but after she got her first taste it was all great. You can see from the pics Randy's finger giving it to her and pretty soon her taking the whole beater and trying to fit it all in her mouth. It was really cute. Kylie played her violin for the talent show and did a really great job! She also did a mime with some of the other girls that was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe how quiet the room was during the mime. The leaders were even surprised and joked that we should start miming all of our lessons. They are never quiet. Even when I had to teach the Beehive class a couple weeks ago, they were not quiet. They really are cute girls though. It probably didn't help that I had Ciara with me when I taught.
Last week we had the Boy Scouts Blue and Gold banquet. It was the Chinese New Year theme so Dallin and the other Webelos did a little dragon parade. The dragon was really cool. Ciara didn't think too much of it though. She was a little frightened. Atleast it kept her in her seat for 2 minutes. Dallin received a few awards and we had dinner and had a good night.
I'm blogging some pics of Ciara at the piano. I think she could be my little piano player, she already has such great interest in it. She has always liked touching the keys when she would walk by, but now she has to sit on the bench and have music in front of her to play. She will plunk around on the keys a little bit and then turn the page in the song book to find a new song. It is so funny! She really likes a little applause afterwards too! Maybe it is just a music thing for her, cause she really likes to dance also. She always is dancing when music is on, even if you start singing her a song she will dance. She mastered the throwing game a long time ago, but she now adds her uh-oh to it. She is just to cute!

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