Thursday, April 14, 2011


A couple weeks ago Kylie had a track meet at Delta High School. It ended up being a fairly nice day, windy ... but when is it NOT windy in Delta. Kylie did good in her races, she ran the 100 and the 400. She was suppose to run in the 200 but slept through it! It's probably her best race too, and I was looking forward to watching it, aargh!

Turns out that Ciara is Kylie's biggest fan & an awesome cheerleader!!!

After a beautiful spring day of temps in the 70's and we all got sunburned ...

Nothing says SPRING in Utah like a good snow fall!!!

Now it's Spring Break for the kids .... Wahoo!!!! We all wanted to get out of town, especially I wanted to be gone during my anniversary, so we took off to Colorado to spend the weekend at my sister's house. We had a great time :) The girls all got pedi's and Kris and I went to Madcap in Westminster one night. That was a fun show; it's like the Drew Cary show "Who's Line is it Anyway." We were laughing the whole show and they kept everything clean, it was really great! It was a lot of fun and Ciara couldn't make up her mind if she really wanted to come home or stay with Malia. Those two are could be a lot of trouble together if they had a lot of time together .... something I may be willing to find out. ;)

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KrisJ said...

Yeah Ky!! So glad you guys came out!!!!