Monday, April 28, 2008

Aspyn Jacqueline Our Little "A.J."

It has been six months since she was born and not a day goes by that I don't miss her! This is my next spotlight of my kids. This one is the hardest but just as important as the rest. (I haven't forgotten Ky, I am waiting for her photo shoot pics though to post!)

We found out that we were pregnant with Aspyn last March. That meant just a short 6 weeks after Ciara was born Aspyn was already on her way. She was due November 15th and Ciara's 1st b-day was to be on Dec. 27th. They were going to be less than a year apart. I was nervous and excited thinking about two babies that close. Everyone I talked to said they would be the best of friends! And I believe they still will be. I knew that something was different about her but had no idea that it was that she is a perfect angel who would not get to be with us here on earth. She was born when we were 38 weeks along. And at that time it was way too short. It is one of those times when I think being pregnant for longer than 40 weeks would not be too long just to have that extra time with her. I am so grateful for her though. Sometimes it is very difficult to know that she is gone; and I still have days where I think at anytime now I am going to wake up and she will be here. When mother's are asked what is your greatest fear I think it is alway something to do with our kids. We never want to think of losing our children, whether it be death, drugs, disabilities, or other adversities. It is hard to think of something happenning to our kids that we have no control over. I received comfort from the teachings of the prophet Joseph F. Smith when he said that he mourned the passing of 9 of his children and that he had never felt such sadness. But what a blessing it is when we will still get to raise these perfect children in perfect circumstances in the Celestial Kingdom. I can't think of a greater blessing in her passing. Although I can honestly say that this isn't the way I wanted my faith to be tested! Besides this however, my testimony has been strengthened in that I know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus our Saviour love me and all of us. He showed me this in the days and months that have followed through everybody who came to our side. My deepest gratitude go to our families who made every effort to be here with us and came with such speed and hearts feeled with love and compassion. Also our ward members who were here at our door almost immediately after we arrived home and have given words of comfort since that time. The staff at the Payson Hospital who shared tears with us, Amy Engle the SHARE voluneer who was a huge help in making sure we had pics and so many other momentos to remember her by; for Tammy & Liz and their thoughtfulness from so far away, and Dr. Nance who shared his compassion and concern with us.

My blog is named after Aspyn, as she has helps me to learn so much. I guess losing loved ones will do that to you. I know that there is nothing as important as the time you spend with your family. We all get those emails that talk about leaving the dishes and laundry for another day so you can spend time with your family. Ya know what, it's true. There are some things that are IMPORTANT, like having a clean home and then there are things that are NECESSARY, like loving and playing with your kids and enjoying our families as much as we can! Life is fragile and a short moment here on earth, and we will get to be together forever after this life, but we need to make sure that all of those whom we love will know that we love them, NOW!!! What better thing can you have in the next life than your family?! This blog has been very therapeutic for me, can you tell?!

I have a proposition for everyone who reads this blog. October is SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month; this also coincides with Aspyn's birthday. I think that it is important to never let her memory die and I know that it won't. I have heard of families that do service for others for the amount of days their baby was alive and similar ideas. Since Aspyn was born still, I think we should still serve others always but for the whole month of October starting on the first, that each and every day we serve with a purpose of remembering her and that she is also doing a special work on the other side of the veil. We will give at least one act a day of random service for another. It can be in our families, but if we look around and tune into those whisperings we get, we will know of others who will need us also. The Lord needs us to show his compassion and love to others. We are often the answers to somebody's prayer. I am going to add a countdown to the sidebar that will help us all remember when October comes that we need to do this special "service project." And remember "Let not thy left hand know what thine right hand is doing." But I would like to know how it has made you or others feel. And if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know!

To my little Aspyn: You are forever in our hearts. We eagerly await the day that we will all be together again! We love you!

Moroni 8:12, 17
"But little children are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of the world."
"And I am filled with charity, which is everlasting love, wherefore, I love little children with a perfect love; and they are alike and partakers of salvation."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Here are just a few signs that spring is finally arriving here at the Ogden home!

The grass we planted a few weeks ago...

The hedge we planted last year is growing!

Our daffodils and tulips haven't opened yet, but they are close! I love this season...I hope it sticks around a little while!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Shake, Shake, Shake

Yesterday afternoon we got home from church around 4 pm and Randy and I were in our bedroom talking while he was packing to go turkey hunting today. All of a sudden there is some shaking like the kids just all jumped off the furniture together and then there was this sudden jolt of our entire house and a loud noise. We had no idea what it was so we went to check on the kids who had felt it too and then went outside and had neighbors out there wondering what was happenning too. We couldn't see anything and about an hour later went for a short drive to see if there was a crash somewhere or an explosion cause that is what we thought it was. We found nothing. Nothing on the news last night or this morning about it. So I went to the USGS website and guess what.... 2.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Santaquin just 10 miles east of us. CRAZY!!! I've never felt an earthquake before, not that it was bad or anything, I mean nothing even fell off the walls, no cracks, nada....thankfully! I don't think that I really want to experience a real quake though. Not the most devastating news, but what an experience anyway!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Ciara, Ciara.....

The next in my spotlights. It is sometimes hard to figure out who to do next, but then they seem to help me choose by giving me a great photo op to post. So here we go!

Ciara was born December 27, 2006. She has been such a joy since she came to our family. I should've known from my pregnancy that she was going to my most energetic child. Since she was born, she is non-stop, full-speed, on-the-go, never-stopping...... you get the picture right?! Randy's grandma has even asked us if she stops moving while she is asleep. The answer is no! She tosses, turns, rolls, and even SITS while she is sleeping. The other day I decided to check in on her while she was napping, and she had sat up and was holding her blanket up to her nose and sleeping. She has soooo much energy, she gets that from her daddy! She gets sooo excited when her big sis comes home from school, that she runs to the door squealing and follows her to her bedroom. She gets very upset when she does not get her way, and you know it because you hear the loudest high-pitched scream and she squeezes her fists really tight and makes her whole body shake. It is actually quite funny! She is my smallest child, so it is fun watching this little petite energizer rule the roost!

She loves to dance and when a song comes on that has a strong beat she stops whatever she is doing to start dancing, and let me tell ya, the girl has rhythm. Thank goodness she doesn't get that from her dad!!!

She loves crackers, grapes, walks, throwing things, her baby, any blanket that is soft to her nose, and the dog. They are usually getting into trouble together. Usually trying to dig through the trash or swapping food. I know....eewww! But nonetheless they do it! Ciara and Dallin also like to share toys, it seems Dal really likes to play with her stuff and she doesn't always seem to mind.

We see a lot of Ciara on this blog so you will hear more of her. These pics are of her climbing in and out of my cupboards. It is one of her favorite new past times. She thinks it is really funny! She sits in there and laughs and giggles the whole time until she tries to get out! Enjoy....

Friday, April 11, 2008

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Dress Up

Every girl has got to have some dress up right?! I decided to make Ciara a simple tutu since she is always dancing and bopping. At first she didn't want it on so we tried it again later and she loved it! SOOOO CUTE!

ZUMBA Baby!!!

This is my new love! Okay, right after Randy and the kids. I have been doing this workout for right around a month and it is sooo fun! When my sister was here last week she did it with me and she really liked it too. It is one of those workouts that when you finished you go "Wow, already?" It doesn't feel as long as it is. It is a workout of different latin dances, the music is fun, the instructors are fun....although I have to say that Beto is...well, kinda animated. Not in a bad way, just he is like a kid in a full grown man's body! They promise to lose a whole pant size in 10 days with a routine and diet, I didn't do the diet part cause we are already eating better but I did the exercise part and guess what? A whole pant size smaller at the end is awesome. Now I am working on their tone & sculpting program and talk about kicking my butt. They have an awesome ab workout.

So if you are looking for something to shake up your old routine I strongly suggest this super fun workout. You get 4 different DVD's and toning sticks that are filled with sand or something so they kinda sound like morraccas. (sp) On the 4 dvd's you get 5 different workouts plus an instructional workout so you can learn the moves, but even that one is a workout! All right, now go have some ZUMBA fun! (No I am not plugging for them!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have decided to do a spotlight on each of my kids! I was having a hard time deciding who to do first, but I received some help from Dallin without him even trying!

Dallin is one of the sweetest boys I know. He has always had this quietness that is just really tender. Even when he would teethe, he didn't cry, just got this really sad face and would be so cuddly. He has always been a thinker! He could entertain himself for hours. Thinking can be a great thing or at times more of a distraction...the latter being the case every time he has chores. He tends to space out at that time or just goes somewhere else. He loves to read! He can read for hours and when he is in trouble that is a PRIVILEGE we have to take away! I know...kinda weird. But he is smart as they come, so the reading must be a good thing. He always is loved by his school teachers and primary teachers. They are always telling me how he is so well behaved and always knows the answers. I have to try and be so humble when I beam with pride! (He must get it from his mom!) He really loves his sisters and tries to help with Ciara all the time. He likes to hold her or play peek-a-boo or just scare her. It is a lot more fun to scare Kylie though she does tend to get a bit irritated! But what else are little brothers for?!

We just had Kristine and her kids here for a few days and had a lot of fun. Dallin got to spend some good time with Kaden (his fave cousin). They had marker sword fights, read books together, played b-ball, and sleepovers every night! He even got to skip school a couple days to spend more time with them. All right so now for you to know why I picked Dal first. It is the experiences you have that parents get to hold forever as blackmail!!!

The kids were playing hide and seek on Sunday night and.....

The pics tell a good story, don't they?
He decided to hide in my washing machine. It must have looked a lot bigger while he was climbing in. I know it did to me until he was in there. I was frosting cupcakes when he called me and the kids told me he was stuck in there. I couldn't believe it. First thought in my head was is he able to get the fire department cutting my washer up to get him out, ya know, jaws of life?! Last I wondered if my washer would still work. It took a few minutes, with some help from my sis, a reminder to get the camera, some embarrassing pics and woolah, he came out. Just not quite that easy and if you can't tell, he said it was pretty painful!!! Maybe he won't do it again. But now we have pics to last a lifetime!! he he he Oh, and this is sometimes what happens when he IS thinking! I think we all had a good laugh about it afterwards!!
Dal, you are the best son I could have asked for. You are a great brother and even though she doesn't always admit it....she loves you too! Thanks for being part of our family!
Love ya lots! :)'