Friday, April 11, 2008

ZUMBA Baby!!!

This is my new love! Okay, right after Randy and the kids. I have been doing this workout for right around a month and it is sooo fun! When my sister was here last week she did it with me and she really liked it too. It is one of those workouts that when you finished you go "Wow, already?" It doesn't feel as long as it is. It is a workout of different latin dances, the music is fun, the instructors are fun....although I have to say that Beto is...well, kinda animated. Not in a bad way, just he is like a kid in a full grown man's body! They promise to lose a whole pant size in 10 days with a routine and diet, I didn't do the diet part cause we are already eating better but I did the exercise part and guess what? A whole pant size smaller at the end is awesome. Now I am working on their tone & sculpting program and talk about kicking my butt. They have an awesome ab workout.

So if you are looking for something to shake up your old routine I strongly suggest this super fun workout. You get 4 different DVD's and toning sticks that are filled with sand or something so they kinda sound like morraccas. (sp) On the 4 dvd's you get 5 different workouts plus an instructional workout so you can learn the moves, but even that one is a workout! All right, now go have some ZUMBA fun! (No I am not plugging for them!)

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