Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally a Cool Down!!!

But not necessarily a slow down! It is so nice having the kids back in school. Ciara really misses Kylie while she is gone though. Now that it has cooled down some I got to take Ciara to the park where she could play without getting burned on the toys. She really likes the park ... like is an understatement. I think she would swing all day if she could! We took a little picnic and ate, then she played on the swings for about 20 minutes. When we went to get our stuff all packed up she saw some birds in the parking lot and went to chase them off. She tried calling them back by patting on her legs like you do to get a dogs attention. She wasn't to happy when they wouldn't come back.
My mom made a surprise visit last week. I didn't tell the kids she was coming so they came home from school last Wednesday and were very surprised to see her here. They had a great time with grandma. We even woke up one morning to quite a laugh when Ciara came out of her room. Randy had put her to bed the night before and had stuck one of those plastic diaper covers on over her pants! It was very cute, but she seemed a little embarassed. Dad's are funny!
This week has been the week to get stuff done! I have canned a bunch of salsa and we can hardly wait to eat it! We are big fans of salsa especially the home-made kind so I'm sure we will be doing more so it will last at least until next fall! I dragged Randy up to Tai Pan on Monday to do some fall shopping. He wasn't to excited about it, but he ended up finding some great hooks to hang his shotgun up with. Earlier this year he did some refinishing work on an old shotgun he inherited from his Grandpa Black. He wanted to hang it up for display, so he was pretty excited when he found these hooks. We have extra wood around so he found a piece and sanded it up really nice. I was so impressed with his work. It turned out great. I stained it for him and we hung it up yesterday. It looks really great so of course that means we will be repainting the wall!!! I've given up on the idea that I could possibly be done painting in the house. Oh well, I always enjoy seeing new walls!

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Kristina Curtis said...

I love that it has cooled off some too. It has been so nice. That totally cracks me up about Ciara calling back the birds-kids do the funniest things (love it). What kind of gun did Randy fix up? You need to post some pictures it sounds awesome with it on display and everything.