Sunday, September 21, 2008

Retail Therapy Baby!!!

Okay, so I deliberately "forgot" to mention a little shopping trip Ciara and I took after we left the airport the other day. I felt so bad for Ciara missing her daddy and probably having no idea why he wasn't coming with us. So on our way home while she was crying for her dad, I asked her if she wanted some new shoes, (I know...I'm horrible!!!) and she said "yes"! I knew she would, she loves shoes. She gets that from me! So we made a side trip to the store to get some shoes. She really liked it, we got her some fall clothes and a couple pair of shoes. I tried to get a picture of her "therapy" today so she could show daddy, but she wasn't so cooperative!!! She just likes to see herself in the camera. So here is the best one I could get! BTW she says "HI DAD"!


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KrisJ said...

How freaking precious is she!!! Retail therapy is the best!!!! And btw I love the new layout it is SUPER cute!