Sunday, September 7, 2008

Uh-Oh He is 11 Now!!!

Do you realize what that means? In one year he will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood, he will be a Deacon and will be my little man passing the sacrament!!! I'm so not ready, especially since we all know how time flies, I'm not going to be ready then either. I'm glad I have another year!
Dallin's birthday was on Friday and naturally that meant we had an early start! 5:00 am early, since Randy leaves for work around then and who wants to wait to open presents until 7:00 at night. Yeah right, like I could wait that long to give them to him! He was eager to get up and was so excited for new jeans that he could wear to school the same day. (On Fridays they get a semi free dress day) He didn't even want to go back to bed after Randy left. It is getting harder to find things for him. I think it is so much easier to shop for girls than it is for boys. I think it must be harder for him to think of things that he wants too. He could only say that he wanted a motorcycle and books. Books okay, motorcycle. . . not happening my friend! After I got done making salsa last week he wanted his own jar of that too! He likes when we can salsa before his b-day so he can get his own!!! We had some "Better than turning 11" Cake, which of course is better than a lot of things, and then had to watch Indiana Jones! It was a fun day for him. He has been a pretty easy kid to raise. He is usually pretty relaxed (sometimes too relaxed), and laid back. He has a sweet heart, and really looks out for Ciara. He really likes to play with her and her toys. He is such a great kid and who could resist that cute face?! Yes, I'm a bias mom.

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KrisJ said...

AWWW Dal I cant believe you are 11! So sad! Looks like you had a great B-day! You will have to tell me what you found on Amazon, Kaden is wondering too. Love ya bud!

Kristina and Brady said...

happy b-day dal!! how fun. Brady's b-day is this coming monday and that what he wanted was clothes and a motorcycle. I am not going to be a widow at the age of 23.I am glad you guys had a fun day!