Friday, September 26, 2008

An Update on KOREA

I know this is about a week late, but Randy made it to Korea safe and sound, and without any sleep on his flight. He arrived in Seoul last Friday and spent the night in Suwon. On Saturday morning they jumped on a bus for a 4 hour trip to Gwangju which is where he is now and will be for the remainder of the trip. He says his hotel is decent and hasn't minded the food too much. He doesn't particularly care for the Kimchi which happens to be the main food in Korea. He's been eating a lot of rice dishes with veggies and pork. Yesterday he ate mostly western foods with lunch at Burger King and spaghetti for dinner. His first night in Gwangju he ate at a traditional Korean restaurant. You must remove your shoes at the door and the sit on a pillow on the floor up to a table. The waiter didn't speak English and I don't think Randy knew what was on the menu so the waiter brought him a whole bunch of food to eat. He says he ate it and was getting full and then the waiter brought him some more! LOL
Randy has been working the afternoon shift so he goes in typically around 2 or 3 and works until about 11 pm. Well he arrived at his hotel room two nights ago to find a strange man asleep in his bed. By strange, I mean that Randy didn't know him! The man was not waking up so Randy headed down to the front desk to let them know there was a problem in his room. They employee went with Randy to try and wake the man up and he wouldn't even respond. Needless to say he was very drunk and passed out on Randy's bed. So the employee and Randy started gathering Randy's stuff to move him into a new room . . . I guess he didn't want a roommate! As they were gathering his stuff the man still passed out began to vomit. HELLO!!! He must have had a good night or a really bad one, but it still didn't wake him up. Needless to say I'm sure he didn't have a good following morning! Randy got a good chuckle out of it. He was a pretty good sport about the whole thing. It appears that the guy got off on the wrong floor and his key just happened to work in Randy's door. Moral of the story . . . don't leave anything valuable in a hotel room in Korea and don't wander around naked!!! You never know who's going to be coming in and it may not be room service!
We are sure missing Randy here but he is doing well over there. He's anxious to get home, but while he is there I'm hoping he can get some good shopping trips in!!! LOVE YA BABE!!!

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KrisJ said...

That story just cracks me up plus a big EWWWW!!! Im really jealous that he gets to spend time there though I know you want him home so bad! And thanks Randy for shopping for me!!! Malia will appreciate so much!

Kristina Curtis said...

No way!!! That is hilarious....Take lots of pictures.