Thursday, September 18, 2008

From the Canyon to the Fireside, Zoo, Home Depot, and Korea

The cooler weather has been so fabulous that we have tried to take advantage of it! Randy got off work early on Saturday so we headed up the canyon again. This time we just took a picnic though so we could spend more time chasing Ciara!!! Kylie decided to go with her friends family to another canyon though, they were taking horses and 4-wheelers, so of course that was more fun. It was cool enough that we needed jackets. Ahhh . . . jacket weather is the best!
I had organized a youth/parent fireside with the missionaries for this last Sunday. I was quite nervous if anybody would show up. Our ward has a great record for not showing up...example; in a town of just under 1000 we have 1 ward with an average attendance of 27%. So I wasn't sure anyone would come, let alone to a fireside about how to fellowship and share the gospel. I had organized a youth choir to sing there as well. Needless to say, the choir sounded beautiful, the missionaries gave awesome talks, and the bishop told me that was the best attendance they had ever had. It was a great fireside!!! The choir did so good that they are having them sing their song in sacrament this Sunday. I hope that the message will stick with the youth. The spirit was really strong and the message was awesome!
Randy, Ciara, and I went to the zoo on Monday. I thought Ciara would be getting old enough that it would be fun for her, and the weather was perfect for it. So after a few wrong turns we made it there and boy did Ciara have fun! She would hardly stay in her stroller (except walking up hills) and she loved running around. Her favorite part about the zoo was probably the carousel. (Should've been our last stop) Her next favorite thing was probably the water in the exhibits. She would see the animals and make the sounds they make, or say what they were, but as soon as she saw water she would get so excited saying "water, water, see, see?" It was really funny, until we went to look at the penguins and she saw their pool and sat down to start taking off her shoes so she could go swimming! She also liked talking to the other little kids around her. We were there for a few hours and by the time we were leaving she was pooped and about 20 minutes down the road, she was out!
Well with all of this excitement that meant Tuesday we needed to make a trip to Home Depot. What's a week without HD? Don't ever let anybody tell you that the Provo HD is going under, because I'm quite sure we keep them funded!!! LOL We went to get that paint we needed for the wall with Randy's gun and of course picked up some other stuff too! Randy also finished the chimney to the stove, so now we are down to doing the brick work (any volunteers?), mantle and book shelves. Can't wait until that's all done!!! I got the wall painted yesterday and it looks fabulous. Randy took his gun out to shoot since he had a new muzzle break put on, only to find out that it was too small and had to take his gun back in to get it fixed. Then I had a nice relaxing night with the YW making "Charity Never Faileth" jars.
So now we are up to today and the Korea part. I had to take Randy to the airport this morning so he could jump ship to Korea for 2 1/2 weeks. For work of course. I know he just got back from Taiwan 2 months ago, but is anybody listening to me? I'm telling them right now, he needs to be home for the rest of the year!!! Ciara daddy, daddy, for 20 minutes after we left the airport. She was sad we dropped her dad off somewhere and of course doesn't know why. It broke my heart. She finally fell asleep in the car around Lindon. She really loves her daddy!! So the good part about Randy going to Korea is that he will get to pick some stuff up for Kristine to have for her baby. Malia is still in Seoul and will hopefully be home soon, but this way they can have some things for her from her first home! Randy will not get to see her as it is not allowed anyway. And he will only be in Seoul for a few hours and then he is off to Kwangju which is at the Southern end of the country. The worst part of these trips is waiting for that phone call where he says I'm in my hotel. Let's see, I have about 15 hours until then. We all miss Randy while he is gone. Especially his super, great, BBQ burgers!!! Ask the kids, they are the best!
We LOVE and MISS you Randy! Be safe!

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KrisJ said...

Holy crap you guys have been busy! And OMGosh how freaking cute is Ciara!! She looked darling in her little cheer outfit! Thanks for finally updating you know I look on her like every dang day waiting for pics of those precious kiddos!